Tunisia hypnosis training

7 day vacation to Tunisia with 4 day training in transpersonal hypnosis,
past life regression therapy and pain management.
2007 Training to be presented by Roy Hunter (www.royhunter.com)
Training for 2006 was presented by Daniel F. Cleary (www.danclearyhypnosis.com)

Welcome to Tunis Hypno-Psyche, destination training for Transpersonal Hypnosis in Tunisia. Destination training combines a week's holiday in the sun with approximately 20 hour's training spread over four days. The trip to Tunisia in April 2006 was the inaugural event of what is to become an annual destination training.

The training is open to hypnotherapy students and practitioners, also Psychotherapists, Doctors and anyone in the field of healing with an interest in the subject matter. Whilst an interest in transpersonal (spiritual) hypnosis and past life therapy is helpful, everyone with an open mind is welcome to attend and will find new and exciting tools to use with their clients.

Tunisia trainees 2006
Tunisia trainees 2006
Dan Cleary in centre, 2nd row.

Dan Cleary in training mode
Dan Cleary in class, with his
relaxed teaching style

The main focus of this year's training was on facilitating past life regressions, with demonstrations from Dan Cleary and opportunities for practice with other participants.

In addition, Dan taught useful points about good communications and building rapport with clients. He also taught different techniques for pain relief such as visualization and glove anaesthesia.

Take a look at the photo report below of this year's event, written by a current hypnotherapy student with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Ireland, who attended the training and also brought her partner along for a week's holiday.


To express an interest in attending next year's training or for any further information on the 2007 event, please click the link below to send us an email. Please add your name, address and phone number into the email message.

The 2007 cost for the week's holiday with flights, transfers, and accommodation in the 4 star Sol El Mouradi Hotel with full board - Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. Local wine. Local soft drink and mineral waters with meals. Local brands of aperitifs, liqueurs, cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks, mineral water, tea and coffee from bars (10am – 12 midnight) - plus 20 hour's training is as follows:
Sharing a Twin room - 769 euro per person.
Single Room - 819 euro (includes single supplement).
The charge for anyone accompanying a trainee but not attending the training is 300 euro less.

Deposit 100 non-refundable.
Conditions apply - If a replacement for any person cancelling is found the 100 deposit will be refunded

The Sol El Mouradi Hotel also runs a daily kids club for children from 5-12 years.

Special Offer:
Free travel insurance with bookings made for the 2007 event before 30th September 2006 (value 125 euro)

PLEASE CLICK HERE to contact us about the 2007 Tunisia destination training.

Accommodation is at the Sol El Mouradi
Hotel, just beside the Mouradi Palace Hotel
where the training is held.

Melia El Mouradi Hotel, Sousse, Tunisia
Hotel El Mouradi Palace, Sousse, Tunisia

Report on 2006 Tunis Hypno-Psych Destination Training
By Helen Ryle, ICHP Trainee Hypnotherapist.

The Medina market in Sousse, Tunisia

Arriving at dawn to the fog-wreathed airport at Sousse, our tired but enthusiastic group of travelers from Cork boarded the bus to take us to Port El Kantaoui, and our Hotels. The short bus ride revealed glimpses of a bye-gone age with biblical overtones – single storey white-washed houses, camels being led by swarthy skinned men in colourful robes. These evocative scenes contrasted sharply with the many half-built apartment blocks and large shopping centres which we also passed. Tunisia seemed to be a land of constasts indeed!

At our Hotels, a hearty buffet breakfast was being served, even so early in the morning, after which we all retired for a snooze before exploring our first day in Tunisia, as our training did not start until the next day. Dinner from the Hotel buffet was also included in the price of the trip, and we found the food to be varied and plentiful, and the dining room clean. During the week we ate breakfast and dinner in the Hotel and lunch in either the Hotel cafes by the pool, or wherever we found ourselves if out on a shopping or sightseeing trip.

Port El Kantaoui, Sousse, Tunisia
View of the marina at Port El Kantaoui,
Sousse, Tunisia
The Square in Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia
One of the plazas in Port El Kantaoui
with souvenir shops, bars and restaurants.

Our group was split up between two Hotels, Melia El Mouradi and Sol Mouradi, but it was only a short walk between them, and they both led on to the clean and sandy beach which stretched for miles in either direction. The weather was warm but rather overcast, with a keen breeze, so sunbathing was not really indicated.

A pleasant 15 minute walk along the beach brought us past teenagers paragliding with surfboards and local fishermen casting off the shore, to the main tourist area of Port El Kantaoui. This is a purpose built marina, where there was a multitude of souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. As everywhere we went in Tunisia, the food was excellent – well prepared, clean and tasty. Tunisia being a Muslim country, alcohol is generally sold only in the tourist areas, and the local men sit outside cafes drinking strong coffee out of small glasses and smoking the traditional water pipes with herbal tobacco. Older women still dress in the traditional Muslim fashion and keep their heads covered, but the younger people seem to wear western dress and up to date fashion.

On the first day of our training we were introduced by Joe Keaney, to our instructor Dan Cleary, a friendly American gentleman (www.danclearyhypnosis.com). A group of around 35 trainees, we each received a pack with training manuals and other material about transpersonal hypnosis, past life regression and pain management.

We were also introduced to Jamil, a local man who was to be our tour guide for the week. There was an optional excursion or sight-seeing trip laid on every afternoon for us, which included a trip to the town of Sousse and the old Medina (market), camel and horse riding, quad bike riding, a trip to Carthage and the ancient Colisseum and a trip around the bay in a pirate ship with a barbecue lunch. The ship was cancelled unfortunately, due to high winds and choppy sea, but perhaps we’ll catch that next year.

Many of the trainees enjoyed camel riding
One of the afternoon excursions included camel riding,
horse riding and a visit to an ostrich farm.

Dan Cleary conducting transpersonal hypnosis training
Dan Cleary with Joe Keaney, ICHP Ireland,
talking to some of the 2006 trainees.

Dan Cleary talking with trainees outside the Hotel
Dan was always ready to talk with the trainees,
here he is chatting outside the Hotel.

Dan had a very easy going style of teaching and was an excellent communicator, teaching us how to increase rapport with clients on different levels and helping us increase our interpersonal skills. Explaining his approach to past life regression, Dan told us that it is not necessary to believe that past lives are actually real, they may be metaphor or may be fabricated by the subconscious mind. The use of the regression is in identifying any recurring patterns of behaviour or soul lessons which may make our life’s purpose clearer to us.

Dan first led us into a group trance to increase confidence and then asked for a volunteer who wished to experience a past life regression. He first guided Juan, the volunteer, to experience some happy memories at earlier times in his present life. Then Juan was regressed to the womb, then the space between lives, then he “dropped down” into a previous life experience.

After watching Dan facilitating Juan’s regression, we broke into groups of 3 and over the course of 2 class sessions, each person experienced regression as the operator (hypnotist), the client and the observer. All members of the class reported afterwards that they had found something useful or relevant to their lives.

On the final day of the training, we discussed various types of pain management, and had the opportunity to practice glove anaesthesia on each other.

In the evenings, Dan generously made himself available to anyone "who could find him". He was frequently seen somewhere in or around the Hotel, deep in discussion with individuals or small groups. Dan's love of his work was abundantly evident.

Dan with Bill Murphy and Frank McMahon
Enjoying the party on the last night in Tunisia
Enjoying the party held on the
last night of our Tunisian adventure.

On the last night of our Tunisian adventure we all arranged to meet in one of the Hotel bars for a social evening. As you can see from the photos, everyone enjoyed themselves.

As a nearly-qualified hypnotherapist I found both the content and the manner of delivery of Dan’s course to be excellent, and feel that I learned much that will helpful in my own life and of course new techniques to help my clients empower themselves. Overall the week was very enjoyable and I think that destination training is a wonderful idea, combining useful training with a holiday in the sun and making new, like-minded, friends. I’m looking forward to going to Tunisia again in 2007.

Local women showing how to make Tunisian bread..............The Pirate ship which takes passengers around the bay
In the photos above you can see local women giving a demonstration of making the Tunisian bread,
and one of the pirate ships which take passengers out around the bay enjoying a barbecue on board.

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