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Information and resources for hypnotherapy, hypnosis,
CBT and meridian energy therapy (EFT) in Ireland & UK

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News in
Ireland and UK

  Welcome to Hypnotherapy Ireland. Here you will find all the information you need to learn about hypnotherapy, hypnosis, analytical psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and also related therapies such as NLP and the most popular meridian energy therapy - EFT (also known as tapping).

  Discover how hypnotherapy can help you to live life to the full - freeing you from limiting behaviours, beliefs and emotions and enabling you to be the person you are meant to be.

  In Ireland today, hypnotherapy has become a well established and accepted natural, holistic treatment, and many people have experienced life enhancing positive changes after completing a course of hypnotherapy.

  If you are serious about stopping smoking and becoming smoke free, hypnotherapy has been shown to achieve the highest success rate of any technique.

  Read the 2-part article published in the Tralee Advertiser newspaper about the different types of smokers and how hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking and become smoke free permanently.

  Permanent weight loss and maintenance are easily attainable with the help of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. Please see the Hypnotherapy Clinic page for more information about the types of weight reduction programmes available, which are individualy tailored for each client.

  On this website you can learn all about hypnosis and what it feels like to be hypnotised, and also the types of problems which can be helped through hypnotherapy. Learn the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist and the different services each can provide.

You will also find a section about the additional techniques and therapies which may be used in conjunction with hypnotherapy, such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). In addition, there is a link to a list of hypnotherapists around Ireland and also articles, resources and links pages for therapists and those who would like to learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in more depth.

This website is written by the hypnotherapists of New Horizons Hypnotherapy Clinic, in Tralee, County Kerry, S. Ireland.

Please check the Clinic webpage for further information and details of the services we offer.

Last but not least, you may be interested in training as a hypnotherapist or a related therapy, and we have a list of recognised training courses in Ireland and the UK in these disciplines. The most comprehensive and respected hypnotherapy/psychotherapy training in Ireland today is run by the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Dublin and Cork.

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Free Hypnosis Downloads

20 minute talk explaining how hypnotherapy works, and why and how it can help you to overcome limiting habits and behaviours. 4Mb MP3 file.
Download now

30 minute hypnotic relaxation and stress reduction session. 7Mb MP3 file.
Download free relaxation and stress reduction 30 minute hypnosis sessionDownload now.

30 minute hypnotic exam confidence and relaxation session. Get yourself into a positive frame of mind as you take those exams! 29Mb MP3 file.
Download now.

Other Free Downloads

Explanatory brochures for New Horizons Hypnotherapy Clinic, Tralee, County Kerry.

  • Helen Ryle MICHP, MAMT
    Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypno-Analyst, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Meridian Energy Therapies (EFT) Advanced Therapist and AMT Certified Trainer.... 250k PDF file

  • James Ryle, MICHP
    Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypno-Analyst, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Meridian Energy Therapist (EFT)... 200k PDF file.
  • Explanatory brochure for the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy's Stop Smoking Programme as used at New Horizons Hypnotherapy Clinic, Tralee, Kerry.
    ...1Mb PDF file.

    10 Free books to download - Here are the original books upon which the film and book The Secret were based. This is the original Manifesting Material. Such classics as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, The Science of Being Well by Wallace Wattles and The Power of Gratitude by Wes Hopper. Enjoy!

    Beautiful Calm e-book by Ananga Sivyer - A free 26 page ebook which gives advice about how to do breathing exercises and various types of meditation for de-stressing yourself.

    hypnotherapy spiral mini
    Holisto Ireland - Ireland's holistic therapies directory and information centre, including practitioner listings for the 32 counties.

    Access 3000+ Hypnotherapists - The largest register of Hypnotherapy Practitioners in the UK and Ireland plus Free listing for Hypnotherapists

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    By Helen Ryle
    Author: Hypnotherapy EFT Clinic and Training Tralee Kerry

    EFT Workshops
    Learn the simple to use
    Self Help Technique
    which reduces stress &
    negativity, and increases energy & wellbeing.
    1-day workshops,
    held in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

    EFT course details >>>

    The time to
    Discover how...

    Helen Ryle MICHP
    Tel: 087 7734914

    A research project in the UK found that 92% of those who had attended a hypnotherapist would recommend the experience to others. (from IrishHealth.com)

    Possibilities in hypnosis, where the patient has the power. Read the full
    New York Times article

    A powerful
    treatment in
    cancer therapy.
    Full article from AlternativeHealth.ie

    Actor Ben Affleck
    quit smoking
    with hypnosis.
    Full story on
    Oprah.com >>>

    "Hypnotherapy, which shouldn't be confused with the sort of hypnosis used in stage shows, is gaining acceptance as a medical therapy for helping people to overcome their fears, phobias, addictions, pain and other medical problems."
    Read the BBC-UK
    article in full...

    BBC News in the UK carries the story of Charles Sidi (34) who relates how
    hypnotherapy has cured his IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

    Oprah recommends hypnosis for coping with financial stress and
    money anxiety.

    Relaxation &
    Stress Reduction

    30 minutes
    7Mb MP3 file

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    Foundation (level 1)
    Practitioner (level 2)
    held in Tralee, Kerry
    in 2019. Full details >>>

    Stress Reduction & Relaxation Courses in Tralee, Co. Kerry.
    2019 evening courses dates coming soon.
    More details >>>
    Email Helen Ryle

    Change your thoughts and you can change
    your mind,
    change your mind
    and you can
    change your life.
    Working with your hypnotherapist you can change your thoughts, mind and life!

    New Horizons,
    Hypnotherapy Clinic
    Tralee, Co. Kerry .
    Click for further information.

    Member of the
    Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy,

    The ICHP is a Member of the European Association for Hypno Psychotherapy.
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